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All i want for x-mas is youuuuuuu.... and some make up and clothes! [30 Nov 2004|01:27pm]
Ok this is my X-Mas list. If you want to get me something out of this list I probably won’t like it and you better give me the receipt so I can get some money out of it…I’m serious….ok! Here it Is:

MAC is good for make up and only make up!

Eyeshadow: http://www.maccosmetics.com/templates/products/sp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY15103&PRODUCT_ID=PROD1503

Beautiful Iris $13
Sushi Flower: $13
Mythology: $13
Parfait Amour: $13
Tilt: $13
White Frost: $13
Yogurt: $13
Wonder Full: $13
Vapour: $13
Vanilla: $13
Lip Gloss:

Viva Glam V: $13.50 (I’m runnin out of this one)
Prrr: $13.50 (I cant find mine!  )
Entice: $13.50
Fancy That: $13.50
Love Child: $13.50
Lychee Luxe: $13.50

Peep Show Tee $29.00 Size Small

Rosebud Cashmere Sweater $57.99 Size Small In the Pink Color

Authentic Zip Sweater $54.99 Size Small In the maroonish color and black

SAKS: (for those who love me a little bit more ;) )
Juicy Couture: Couture in the City Tee $55. Size Small In Pink

Juicty Couture: Boatneck Logo Tee $62. Size Small in Pink

Hard Candy Lunch Box

Hard Candy Six Pack- Frosty

NARS blush in Angelika

Urban Decay Shadow Box

Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Sugar Story Book: Cloud 9

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rollercoaster tycoon really does own my life [29 Nov 2004|10:10pm]
today i wake up with a surprise! claudia came with jessica and she saw me at my crappiest. haha. but we talked for a little little bit. i really wish i didn't have to take my stupid ass test so that i could of stayed and talked to her -_- but anyways, i retook that test and i think i did worse on it than the first time, but i'm confident about the next test so it's all gravy baby!!! (lol.....) anyways, i went to my communications class and i adore my professor <3 she LOVES foreign films and we were talking about all the mexican films and spanish ones <3 and she is doing a study on chinese films too <3 anyways, i love that class just because of my teacher. lol after that class i went to jessie's house and i met her beloved JJ!!!!!! omg that is the cyutest puppy in the world (other than kyo!! ^_^) it's a miniature poodle and it's only 9 weeks old. i also met claudia's beloved Edward...that is the cyutest animal i have seen ever. i was so scared to hold it because claudia said that its ribs can break if you hold it too tight and i got skurred and i didn't want to but claudia punched me and started kicking me on the ground and made me hold him. (lol jk) but it's sooooo soft and i can't believe people kill them to make fur coats! ugh! >< it's a "chinchilla" (major spell check) and her hunnie got it for her <3 it's so freaking adorable. it's like a mixture of a bunnie and a squirrel or something! haha. so cyute!!!!!! well we took JJ to my house to meet my mom and my dad and my sister and kyo was nice to him and everyone loved him and he fell asleep like a baby <3 and then i stayed at my house while jessica migrated back to the homeland. i'm so tired. choo kept calling me but i don't remember at what times because i was sleeping and playing rollercoaster tycoon. lol i love my hunnie so much <3 <3 <3 he means so freaking much to me! i love him and adore him! well i have other good news...bwahahahahaha! next month i might go back to dallas once again!!! ^_^ this time with steff. my mom doesn't want her to go by herself so i'm gonna go with her too. it's only like $90 so that kicks ass and i believe she's paying for steff ^_^ yea i miss my sister, she's so cool now. ^_^ she's nice and stuffs and not conceited or snobby at all. and i imagine it's hard to remain that way if you make close to $100,000 a year. but she does it and she's sweet :) i'm all by my lonesome once again. jessie is spending the night at her house agains. i can't believe she's gonna go to china in like 3 months or so. fun stuff!! i really want to go someday and buy all the hello kitty stuff they have for like 1/3 of the price they have here ^_^ hehe i dunno if i did it already but this is my schedule for next semester..i'm taking a total of 18 hours -_-

Mondays and Wednesdays: Intro to Philosophy @ 1:20-2:35 pm
Piano @ 2:45-4:00 pm
Christian Ethics @ 6:00-7:15 pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Costume History @ 11:55-1:10 pm
Intro to Sociology @ 1:20- 2:35pm
Writing for the Media @ 2:45-4:00 pm

yup yup. i like my schedule way more for next semester. lol i can't wait till x-mas break because choo is gonna go with me to petsmart and i'm gonna buy a bigger fishie tank for my goldfish fishies for their x-mas present. ^_^ and i think i'm gonna buy my bettas new tanks too. i really have to clean their tanks right now too....so i'm gonna go ahead and go ^_^

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rollercoaster tycoon [29 Nov 2004|03:41am]
it's almost 4 in the morning and i just got done playing rollercoaster tycoon. i made a park that made a total of $47,000 and about 2,110 were in the part when i finished playing. lol but i rested a little and talked to choo. omg i miss my buddies! it feels so lonely in my room without jessie's stuff up on the wall and her desk is all empty! it's so sad!!!! u_u i might go to hershey this summer with choo ^_^ i'm so excited!!! <3 <3 <3 i need to take off my contacts. i haven't done so in about a week....i have to take a test tomorrow morning...blah -_- okeys well i'm gonna go night night now! buh byes!

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Golden Oreos kick ass!!! [28 Nov 2004|07:55pm]
i just got back from choo's and his sister's. they both came back from pennsylvania yesterday and i'm happy he's back. he couldn't bring me a wild bunnie so he drew me a bunnie in a pillow and wrote "i love you" "ich liebe dich" "thi sis the closest thing to a real bunny i could get..." "i miss you so much...." "this is an airplane pillow" "11/27/04" hehe i love my hunnie. hes the best bf i could ever ask for. we played some rollercoaster tycoon and watched "stir of echoes" which got me stressed but it was overall a good movie in my opinion. we also put up and decorated his sister's christmas tree ^_^ i love his family. ^_^ i think i'm gonna get alyssa a gift certificate to MAC for x-mas. she got picked by MAC for a free make up session thingy on saturday which is perfect cause her end of the year party at work is on saturday ^_^ i love alyssa so much ^_^ she's so coolios ^_^ anyways, i missed my buddies -_- omg alyssa bought the j-lo perfume and they gave her a whole bunch of free samples and she got a free sample of paris hilton's new perfume! she looks sooooooooooooooooo cyute!!!!!!! <3 i came into my room and jessica's side of the room is all empty. she's really packing already. haha i'm so bored right now so i think i'm gonna play rollercoaster tycoon. but i will leave you with the cyutest baby ever!!!! BRETT! choo's nephew <3 <3

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gobble gobbles! [25 Nov 2004|04:07pm]
Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!! omg i can't wait till i get to eat them little biscuits my mommy makes!!!! ^_^ and i get $20 from my sister for pies..bwahahahaha. anyways, happy thanksgiving! ^_^ i miss choo :( i love him bunches!!!!!! <3 omg Garbage's new cd comes out April 2005!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!!!!! ^_^ hell yea ^_^

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[25 Nov 2004|01:36am]
[ mood | sad ]

i miss my choo oh so much!!!!!!>< he called me when he was waiting for the plane and he called me on his way to hershey. his flight was san antonio to baltimore and from baltimore they drive to hershey pennsylvania. omg i miss him so much i want to cry. my eyes are watery. he's so far away :(

yup yup i miss him so much :(

i wanna cuddle with him :(

p.s- look erica!

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thanx joenstein [24 Nov 2004|11:28am]
i got this webbie from joenstein so i made my own quiz! u besta take it foos! haha

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

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i'm gonna die...lol [24 Nov 2004|09:45am]
omg i'm soooooooooooooooo tired!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok yesterday i worked 5-10 at Marie Callender's. i got went home and ate and kinda relaxed for an hour. i went back at 11 and i worked till about 4:40ish in the morning. i get home at 5 in the morning and i fell asleep and i was supposed to be at work at 8, 8:45 max and i wake up and it's 9. but orlando understood so it's all good :) lol i'm supposed to stay here till 3 today. then i have to go back to marie callender's at 5 and i'll probably stay till 10. -__- i'm so tired and i look so crappy and feel crappy. i had 4 hours of sleep though...atleast i had some sleep:) i just can't wait till i go to my house and sleep :) i'm gonna stay at my house today,thursday and friday. i'm gonna love thursday and friday since i can sleep until whenever. it got so cool outside! omg i'm so sad because choo leaves to go to pennsylvania today at 6 and instead of being able to spend time with him before he leaves (even though we spent a lot of time together yesterday) but i wanted to go to the airport with him and stuff but i can't cause of stupid ass work >< ugh. i just shouldn't go. i don't need the money that bad. i still need to go to the bank -_- anyways, i'm gonna miss my hunnie and he better call me before he leaves or i'll be muchos mad at him! i highly doubt he wouldn't call before he had to leave. omg i miss him so much :( i don't like it when he goes to hershey :( i miss him muchos. he'll be back on saturday at noon. what sucks is that my class ends at noon...so i'm thinking that i should just go to class at 11 and be the first to do my routine and then go back to my dorm and take a shower real quick and choo's mommy can pick me up at like 11:40 and we can go to the airport to pick him and his sister up :) yey!!! hehe i love choooooooooooooooooooooooooo ^______________________________________^ i love him so so so so so so so so so much. he is by far the sweetest guy i have ever met. i love him so much <3 i am soooooooo lucky to be with him. sooooooooooo lucky. it's 10:01...-_-5 more hours to go...atleast my x-mas shopping paycheck will be good:) and i'm not really buying a lot of people presents this year. i'm basically buying Rome, Jessica, and Choo presents and if i have money left i'll buy fallon some presents and alyssa (choo's sisters). i know my dad doesn't like it when i buy presents for him for x-mas cause he doesn't want me spending my money on him -_- and neither does my mom >< but if i see something that i think they should have i'm gonna get it for them. and of course steff!!! lol omg i look so bad today, i just woke up and ran out the door. i need to get something to eat. otays i'm gonna go now! buh byes!

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omg i'm so sleepy [23 Nov 2004|09:47am]
omg last night i went to sleep at around 5. ramiro joseph and i decided to dress up and go riding around. lol we had slept like all day long so we weren't sleepy. anyways, i dressed up like a princess pimp. lol and they just dressed up ;) haha. then choo called and he was all worried that we were gonna do something stupid and i would get hurt and all this stuff and i went to go see him at jd's and then he went with us back to the dorms. lol i'm so sleepy =_= i'm here at work until 2:00. i was supposed to go take my test but i got there and my teacher wasn't there so i left since i had to be at work at 9:30. so i guess i won't be able to retake it. whatever -_- i e-mailed her and she still hasn't e-mailed me back. i'm so tired -_- i have to go to work today at 5:30 at marie callender's. then i think wednesday i'm going to work here from 8-3 and then marie's 5-whenever. lol i'm so sleepy. i can't wait till thanksgiving when i can sleep as much as i want to :) yey! hehe. and on friday i don't have to go to work either :) so i'm muchos happy about that. but my hunnie is leaving on wednesday :( i love him so much <3 yesterday he carried me into my dorm building because there were puddles everywhere and the whole damn campus was flooded. lol okeys i'm gonna go nows and get something to munch on from the vending machine! buh byes!!! ^_^

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real messy! [23 Nov 2004|12:12am]

i love you Rome :)

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yey! [22 Nov 2004|01:14pm]
it's flooding and we're all gonna die but classes were cancelled today! and i doubt i'll be able to go to work but they said it was okeys cause they know how bad it is outside and they don't want us risking it. and austin highway is closed and that's how we get to marie callender's and home. omg i hate it how the san antonio river starts at incarnate word because all of the river is all up on the sidewalk!!!! it's so skurry and it's gonna go up to my dorm and we're all gonna drown and float away!!!! i love choo :)

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^_^ [22 Nov 2004|12:46am]
i just got back from choo's today :) i love ma hunnie so much. some drama kinda happened but it's okeys now. ^_____^ i love him so much!!!!! <3 <3 <3 we babysat his nephew yesterday. i LOVE Brett ^_^ he's the cyutest white baby in the world. lol anywho, i love choo and i love his family. i love how they all love me :) and i love it how fallon (his little sister) gives me a hug everytime she sees me :) he's going to hershey on wednesday :( he'll be back on saturday at noon. :) i love ma hunnie!!! i'm gonna work monday at marie callender's at 5:30 and on tuesday i'm working at ICC 9-2 and then 5:30 at Marie Callender's and then on wednesday i'm working wednesday at ICC 8-3 and then at Marie Callender's 5:00 till god knows when. i wonder when choo's mom can pick me up so that we can take him to the airport. i can't wait till january! i'm gonna get ma car thanx to my sister and her buddy :) i need to learn how to drive standard though >< okeys i'm gonna go now..i'm so freaking hungry >

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wobbly bits!! [19 Nov 2004|03:12pm]
thank you erica for telling me about your departure. lol i got to see ma hunnie yesterday ^_^ yey for hunnieness!!! haha anyways, i'll probably get to see him today too and for sure tomorrow :) i'm at work right now and they gave me some free food since the starbucks was closed already and i couldn't get my daily ham sandwhich. but cynthia offered me some free food instead and how can i say no to that!? lol yesterday jessie went to get her tattoo done. it looks really cyute. now that i know it doesn't hurt all that much i'm really thinking about doing it i want to get a hello kitty that looks like this:

^_^ or a henna art thingy. lol i'm so tired >< mmm i love crackers! lol one hour and thirty minutes till i get to go back to my dorm! yey!

oh yea! i have decided that i am gonna go study in spain this summer because london's summer classes start on april 18 and i'm still gonna be in school then so that won't work but spain's start june 7th or something. i'm also 70% sure that i will be going to italy for spring break. it's so cheap too!!!! king yin and ramiro might go tooooooo ^_^ how fun! it's only $1750 or something for 8 days, it pays round trip tickets, a translator, european breakfast and dinner! and we're going to the cities i have always wished to go to: Rome, Venice, Vatican City. i'm so excited!!! ^_^ i'm also thinking of going to San Fransisco with some international students. king yin told me that the international students are going to san fransisco for the holidays! she doesn't know how much it is yet though but im gonna see if i can go, i have to see what days it is. anyways i'm sad cause my choo is going to hershey next wednesday-saturday:( it's not the longest time i know but i sure will miss him. he says that in hershey bunnies are around everywhere and they are white and some are small and soem are big so i told him to bring me one. lol

wobbly bits!!!!!!!!! GREEN SPERM!!!!

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X-mas!! [18 Nov 2004|12:20pm]
i really want this...so someone better get it for me for x-mas! and it's not even expensive!!! hmmmm maybe i should buy it myself...
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

i really want this too (size small...lol)

ok i'm done. lol

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monkeys [18 Nov 2004|11:18am]
here i am at work. i woke up late but it was okeys cause i had called to say i was getting adviced today. anyways, i love my advisor. he's so nice and funny. :) i was the only one there. i actually thought it was gonna be busy in the morning. lol anyways, my hunnie called and woke me up at 5 and i don't really remember our convo. lol something about 2:00 or something. i dunno. i miss him and love him and i can't wait till i see him today and can attack him with hugs and kisses ^_^ omg i had the weirdest dream!!!! i had a dream that we were at roosevelt for something and me and claudia were doing something in some classroom (i think we were auditioning for band..lol) and i she was mad at kristina for something and how she doesn't care about her and i was trying to tell claudia that kristina loved her and really did care about her and then i saw kristina in some corner in a small chair (like the little chairs in kindergarden classrooms where the people that are in trouble sit) and she had this puppy face and she was looking down and it was really sad so i went to the store to buy stickers with monkeys on them (i have no idea why they were monkey stickers and no idea why they were blue monkeys) and i gave claudia one and kristina one and then they stopped arguing and were happy again. i have no idea why i had that dream O_O! lol in the dream choo was there too but we were just eating at some restaurant after claudia and kristina were happy again and we were planning something but i forgot what it was and then he was talking to my older sister. okeys i'm gonna go now foos.

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advising day [18 Nov 2004|02:37am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

today is advising day and i have to be at work at 9 but i'm gonna call cynthia and tell her that i'll be an hour late since i have to talk to my advisor at 10. -_- anyways, i'm so tired. today a buddhist monk came to speak to our world religions class. and jessica and i kept writing stuff in her notebook and then she put "phra albert" (the buddhist monk's name, he was a cyutie...but not as cyute and wonderful and lovable as my hunnie choo!!!!!!!) and then she drew a heart around his name. it was so hilarious and we kept laughing and the professor told us that we could leave if we wanted and asked why we were laughing (she was really trying to get krunk) and i was like "i'm sorry but i keep coughing and sneezing at the same time" lol anyways, now i'm here all by my lonesome. i was bored so i got a little picture happy so i'm gonna put some stupid pics up cause i have nothing else to do. look at what rome found!!! this is so cyute and perfect!!!!!!!!!!! :

yup yup he is the one!!!! ^_^ hehehehe

okeys now to blind you allllll!!!!

i'm wearing choo's beanie ^_^

hahaha you can't see now so i can say that i hate you all and you won't know because you can't read this!!! lol jk..i love each and everyone of you unless you are sneaking into my journal and aren't on my friend's list...lol jk ^_^

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myspace [17 Nov 2004|10:06pm]
i made my myspace webbie look cyute!!!! look at it and drool!


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weatherbug!!! [16 Nov 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | cold ]

sleeping for one hour is bad...i felt like passing out today and i looked like shit >< i went to work and studied for my test. i took it and i believe i did pretty good. i just didn't know like 5 questions. but i knew most of the extra credit ones and i aced the essay portion. well i went to the business office to pay the $10 i owed for my id and they told me that i still had a hold because they hadn't recieved my final transcript and i need to take care of that since i register for my classes on thursday so jessica, ramiro and i went to roosevelt to fix that shit and we saw samir <3 and some other people .lol i'm so glad i don't go to roosevelt anymore. it's so gross and ugly. i love uiw. lol well i'm gonna go nowwwww. buh byes!

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sleepy....i'm gonna pass out [16 Nov 2004|10:39am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so i got 1 1/2 of sleep last night. lol i feel so weak and gross and i look like shit >< i realized, what if what the psychic told me was bs and she just wanted to scare me so that i could pay the $180 for that cleansing thing . lol but anywho, most of the stuff was extremely true. especially the whole getting away from here part. well it was a fun experience. i feel so gross. i have a world history exam in 3 hours. i hope i do ok. it sucks that the most important part is missing from my damn book. it feels so gross outside. i love choo. i hope he comes over today :) i miss him bunches. <3 my hair is all frizzy. >< i really want to sleep. i forgot how much scantrons cost...i have a whole bunch of pennies. i can't wait till i just get this damn test over with and i can go eat and then back to my dorm and sleep...yes...sleep...yum. i love sleep <3 lol well last night i made a myspace account.


now you little stalkers can go stalk me there. lol omg i would do anything to just get an A on this exam and go to sleep. lol

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[16 Nov 2004|02:26am]
thanx rome for making my livejournal icon for me ^_^ <3 LOVES IT! hahahaha

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